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Thank you for your interest in working with Ecology Project International.  To apply for this position, thoroughly read the job description (www.ecologyproject.org/about/jobs) and make sure you have the right qualifications.  Then complete the application below and upload your resume as directed.  If you have any questions please contact our office at dave@ecologyproject.org. In an effort to conserve resources, we are using a paperless application process. All materials must be submitted electronically through this system.  
Applications will be accepted until suitable candidates can be identified. Early applications are encouraged and applications will be considered as they are received.

Current Openings:
Belize Marine Ecology Program: February – July 2019

Program emphasis is the Caribbean environment and conservation. Research focuses on dolphin and manatee behavior, coral reef and tropical savannah ecology, ocean trash, and coastal development issues.  Terrestrial activities include birding, rainforest / savannah explorations, the use of camera traps to monitor mega fauna and cultural engagement.

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Ecology Program: February - July 2019

Program research emphasis is sea turtle and tropical rainforest ecology.  Principle research activity involves leading groups for night census monitoring leatherback, green and hawksbill turtle nests. Habitat restoration activities and tropical forest research are regular program activities.

  Hawaii Island Ecology Program: March – July 2019

Program emphasis is watershed ecology, sustainable living, and conservation within a cultural context. Groups will participate in land and water-based conservation efforts in support of state and federal endangered species recovery efforts. Students will collect data on invasive plant species and conduct marine-life snorkel transects to collect data for on-going reef monitoring projects that support community-based conservation initiatives. Students will also be immersed in local Hawaiian culture and participate in ecological restoration activities to learn unique perspectives and tools for addressing sustainability challenges.

Mexico Ecology Programs: January – May 2019

Program emphasis is on various aspects of the desert and marine ecosystems of the Baja California peninsula including marine invertebrates, marine turtles, reptiles, and whales.  Participants may engage in environmental DNA sampling, whale shark monitoring, and community conservation activities.  Curriculum focus on sustainability, climate change, and being an active, contributing member of the community.

Job Summary:

 An ideal candidate will demonstrate experience and aptitude in environmental education as well as the ecosystems, geographies and cultures of the program they are applying to work in.  Instructors work as a team with support from program staff to plan, lead, and teach EPI’s curriculum.  Instructors coordinate logistics and opportunities with partners, vendors, group chaperones, and participants to craft an inspirational and educational experience.  They are responsible for establishing and maintaining a safe physical and emotional learning environment.  Specific responsibilities and qualifications for each position can be found at: www.ecologyproject.org/about/jobs